Monday, June 22, 2015

And Seen Again

We just got back from a Disney Cruise. One of the perks of cruising with Disney is that you get to see a bunch of Disney movies for free. (Well, as free as "included with your $1000 a day vacation" can get.) This time around, it happened to include the premiere (*cough* actually called Prem-EAR *cough*) of Inside Out (reviewed here). But I wanted to cover a few of the others I had a chance to see (or at least see most of).

Tomorrowland - Holds up reasonably well to multiple viewings. You lose a lot of the tension in the plot, but gain a lot of appreciation for some of the subtle interactions between Frank Walker and Athena. Also, what moron ever thought this movie promotes "rugged individualism"? It promotes working as a society to improve society. The whole moral at the end is that they can't save us, we have to save ourselves.

Age of Ultron - Gets better with multiple viewings. When you aren't desperately trying to figure out the plot, you gain a lot more appreciation for the little touches. I still really want to see the director's cut, though.

Mulan - Still brilliant. A wonderful way to mock masculine ideals without actually demeaning men. And the victory is sweet because it is hard fought. It's not an impossible fight that ends up being won through a deus ex machina.

Beauty and the Beast - My favorite Disney movie, period. And probably always will be. It helps that it was the first date for my wife and I. I miss this style of animation.

101 Dalmatians - I clearly haven't seen this in a LONG time, because there were big chunks I completely did not remember. It's cute, but very clearly suffers from the "storyboard over script" approach. The plot is very short and simple, but is padded with backstory and then extended with uneven action sequences. It also really flails about trying to hit its emotional beats. I'd still watch it, though.

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